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A top selling book is Perl Cookbook. At Amazon it has over 17 customer reviews this books comes highly recommended!

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Everyone needs to start some-where, what with the world of computing there's a bewildering number of places from which to begin your journey. A UK based publisher called Computer Step provides plain language guides to some of the bigest topics around, including PhotoShop, Office, HTML and even the Internet. Walk this way to discover more.
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Perl Cookbook

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Anyone who wants to learn Perl is blessed with an unusually good selection of books. We review six of the best, including a classic by Larry Wall, the author of the Perl language. USA Users

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Cyberculture, Examining the Growth of The Digital Culture.

From music to missiles, computers have been making their mark on almost every aspect of modern life. Whether your interest is Internet history or future fiction, take a break from the technical manuals and settle down to some social commentary with amazon's pick of the best cyberculture titles.




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