TECHNICAL BEHAVIOURS of the Server - Just For Your Information


More details about the server, I have spent considerable time tweaking it to stay online after 7AM in the EVENT such as: IF users are actively using it, I have installed a special CPU/Bandwidth Speed Monitoring program that monitors the throughput of upstream and downstream speed's in Kbs so if the server is not being used and the Kbs drop below 4Kbs for 40 minutes it is regarded as being idle (not Needed) so will shutdown AFTER 7AM @ sometime for several hours, until the following time @ 6.20 pm / 7pm weekdays.

On Monday it does a start up with a weekly disk check so will be delayed starting until about 7PM, this makes it economical to run, and also friendly to users that may be ACTIVELY using it, because each user sends audio out at about 4kbs and another user receives data from the server AT 4Kbs making a total in and out bandwidth of 8Kbs, so if 3 users are in the same channel that = 12kbs, so you can see how this works.

Plus if the built in ftp server is also being used that uses around 34 kbs so if any services on the server are actively being used the server stays up, however every day at about 5.45pm a forced reboot does take place, and 15 minutes later the server comes back up! I am explaining this so you know the mechanics of how it is configured, it serves well in saving on Electricity charges in running the server without upsetting anyone that may be using it.