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Comments from the Webmaster on Bullies!

Those who can, do. Those who can't, bully.

Recently, I was shocked to learn how bullies in our Schools are still making the lives of other Children a misery.

Forgive me but is it not the year 2000+? are we still not leaning anything?

I had started another campaign in my home town to try and boost awareness about the degrading attributes of serial bullies. It seems now that things are really going places, the government seems to be taking dramatic steps now to tackle this issue.

I do not personally claim any rewards, as I am just one of the many who has voiced his concearns to local councillors and politicians. It is the voices of the many not the one that can make a big difference in our schools so please make your voice heard also by contacting your local MP.

Here are copies of letters sent to some Schools and even the Prime Minister Tony Blair!

Bully support group - Comments!

To whom it may concern:

I have written a letter to The Scarborough Evening News, and also to the School in question concerning Bullying.

I would like you to also hear my views, Once upon a time we had an effective deterrent against antisocial behaviour, the fear generated used to keep people in line and out of trouble. I am of coarse talking about the Holy Bible.

Sadly however modern times have brought about a demise and lack of respect for such Religions. However all is not lost, where fear of God and the holy book may have diminished in effectiveness. This resulting in open doors for increased acts of antisocial behaviour in and around our streets.

But their are still real ways of tackling modern Social problems, when something has been lost in one area it needs to be substituted by an equal, or equivalent method to keep Antisocial individuals in line. Admittedly fear from one individual against a Bully might appear to work on a small scale in keeping them inline, but this is in itself inappropriate for the simple reason that you cannot condone that which you are also committing?

We need a new more effective more permanent method of tackling antisocial behaviour. The Answer has been staring many of us in the face for a few years now, but sadly many people still are not listening, WHY? Tim Field has been running the UK Bully Support Group for some time now; the methods for stopping Bullies in our Schools are readily available to all. Yet hardly anyone knows or can see the value and how effective this information can be.

The fear from within of being exposed as Inadequate, and having Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD) ( Stamped on the offender ) has to be one of the best ways of suppressing Bullies. This method is simply not being capitalised on in our Schools why? It certainly is not a crime to allow a Serial Bully to be exposed for what they are! My view on this is, if those responsible wish to Harass, intimidate, and degrade other decent human beings through the actions of Bullying then they are only doing unto them selves that which for so long they have done unto others.

If by educating our pupils about the degrading, Inferior, attributes of being a Serial bully, was to be implemented on a country wide scale then I strongly believe in many situations the problems of Bullying in our Schools would just fade away. But not drug related I am sad to say, this is but another problem? All bullying in it's many forms is truly an admission of Inadequacy. This exposure is the very best way of dealing with the problem by turning the tide on its head, against the abusers instead of the Victims.

So for once, I suppose what we need is a Stigma attaching to the antisocial behaviour to deter others from using that option, by gaining praise from others. Let us not forget the reasons why does a Bully intimidate others, simply because they BELIEVE it is an easy way for them to boost them selves above others, really they lack psychological creativity, self esteem Etc., they capitalise on the misery of others to gain a higher ranking amongst their friends. Take away this option, by reversing the stigma, expose it for what it is and they will no longer be able to use it as a platform to gain Self-importance. A few years ago, I always thought the word Stigma was a negative word, but if it can be used positively to deter the severe P.T.S.D. harm being imposed on Victims of the bullies. Then I believe this is a justifiable means to tackle a major problem that just never seems to go away.

We are now living in the year 2000, the problems in this World continue to get worse partly because no one is willing to listen, many choose not to take the right path. I hope you will see it in your heart that what I am saying to you really does make sense!

Sincerely, Michael Pay

P.T.S.D. is best defined by Tim Field himself, Extract from: http://www.successunlimited.co.uk Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Definition Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a natural emotional reaction to a deeply shocking and disturbing experience. PTSD is defined in DSM-IV, the fourth edition of the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. For a doctor or medical professional to be able to make a diagnosis, the condition must be defined in DSM-IV (or its international equivalent, the World Health Organisation's ICD-10). In the previous version of DSM (DSM-III) a criterion of PTSD was for the sufferer to have faced a life-threatening event; this criterion was present because a) it was thought that PTSD could not be a result of "normal" events such as bereavement, business failure, interpersonal conflict, marital disharmony, working for the emergency services, etc, and b) most of the research on PTSD had been undertaken with people who had suffered a threat to life (eg combat veterans, especially from Vietnam, victims of accident, disaster and acts of violence). In DSM-IV this requirement has been eased; it is now recognised that PTSD can result from many types of shocking experience.

Letters Section Scarborough Evening News: Scarborough Evening News
Note: The Teenager was admitted to Hospital as a direct result of the Bully Attacks! Through extreme force he was thrown against a brick wall.

Bully support group Letters!

Dear Sir/Madam,

After reading your Story (27 June 2000) in the evening news concerning the 5 repeated attacks, and constant bullying of a Scarborough Schoolboy I am shocked and disturbed that action by the School was not taken earlier in protecting the 13 Year old from the serious nature of these assaults.

Much more CAN be done, and should be done now before someone dies from this kind of antisocial behaviour. I have two infant daughters of my own, and I dread the future if our local authorities cannot start to get some control of the situation right now! Especially now the ammunition against bullies is so readily available from http://www.successunlimited.co.uk/child.htm

We are now living in the Beginning of a new Millennium and it is long overdue for this kind of thing to be stamped out once and for all. So many people are at a loss about what they can do to stop this, but for over 3 Years now I have been aware of a possible answer.

The Answer is to make these bullies aware of the inadequacy they admit they have to all concerned, when they carry out these atrocious attacks. The only problem is that many people do not recognise that these bullies have such an inadequacy, in fact many bullies act this way because they believe they are displaying superiority over others. This is a serious misconception on their part, because they feel they have to prove their worth with physical violence - instead of through creativity, this violence shows just how inadequate they truly are. This is why it is so important in drawing to your attention a resource, which is readily available to all, and needs to be shared with all people in Scarborough and at our Schools.

Any one who holds back this information has to be in league with the Bullies. I am of coarse talking about Tim Field who founded the UK Serial Bully support group, he works hand in hand with many other Schools, and Local Authorities in combating Bullies, So why on earth not Scarborough? Perhaps no one is listening, if so maybe it is time we did! His site can be reached at: http://successunlimited.co.uk/ For Parents and Children http://www.successunlimited.co.uk/child.htm I will not be happy, and cannot rest until people in our small town know what a Serial Bully really is, and how it destroys the lives of the victims of Bullies.

The Serial bully is the one who undermines our society, not just in our Schools but in later life as they blunder through life doing great harm to our productivity by effectively bringing about Sickness through Post. Traumatic. Stress. Disorder. or P.T.S.D. My sympathies go to the Mother of the 13 Year old Child who has been repeatedly assaulted, Victimised, and Hospitalised through no fault of his own.

Is it not about time we all stopped complaining about Bullies and got down to educating them on the dysfunctional behaviour of their actions, also make all School Children aware that Bully tactics are not a mark of Superiority but the contrary.

Let us not be mislead by the actions of the Bully. They may think they are imposing their superiority on others, but when you know what I know NOW you will finally be able to see that their actions are nothing more than an admission of Inadequacy and desperation to look superior in the eyes of others especially their victims.

Sincerely, M Pay

Letters sent to Tim Fields - Bully support group

Copy of Letter & Reply from Tim Field Author of Bully In Sight and Webmaster of Bully Online!

(My Letter)

I am surprised why more people do not educate Children that Bullying is dysfunctional, and a sign of incompetence. Why not just say those words. Instead of beating around the bush?

(Tims Reply)

By coincidence I shall be publishing in September a co-authored book on children who have committed suicide because of bullying at school which will hammer home the point about bullies being inadequate, cowardly, etc. Regards, Tim Field timfield@successunlimited.co.uk Author, Bully in sight Founder, UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line Webmaster, Bully OnLine at www.successunlimited.co.uk

Anti - Bullying Techniques URL

Also Read these extracts from Tim Fields web site:

Urgent! I'm Jenni Pattison, and I'm conducting research for an in-depth story on bullying for a quality national newspaper magazine. I was wondering if there is anyone who would be willing to talk to us about their experiences. We are particularly interested in talking with parents of children who are bullied and examining the dilemma of whether it is correct to remove your child from their school or whether it is best to leave them where they are. Additionally, we would be interested to hear from people who were/are bullied as well as people who were/are bullies: jenni.pattison@telegraph.co.uk

Tim Field shares his unique insight into; Workplace Bullying

I have put up this additional Page to help Victims of Bullies, and people seeking help and advice as well as ways to tackle the legal issues, at Tim Fields Web site Click Here to go their.

Tim Field is the leader of the UK National Bully in the Workplace Advice Line, I am targeting Scarborough UK Web Searchers through this page to increase awareness about the small minded individuals who harass, Intimidate, and show their own inadequacy through the undermining of others.


Half the population are bullied. Most don't realise it. Until they read this...
Bullying is: constant criticism, nit-picking, fault-finding, undermining, being singled out, isolated, excluded, marginalised, belittled, humiliated, shouted at, threatened, overloaded, your work and credit for it stolen, responsibility increased but authority taken away, leave refused, training denied, unrealistic goals and deadlines, hypocrisy, duplicity, fabrication, distortion, twisting everything you say and do, abuse of disciplinary procedures, imposition of verbal/written warnings for trivial or fabricated reasons, unfair dismissal, etc.

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I recently discovered that my brother was a serious victim of bullying while at his secondary school. I was unaware of this at the time, since I had largely left home when things got to there worst. However, he told me of it recently. It had been suggested to him that it may help to share his experiences with other people who had had similar past experiences, and I have been trying to locate some form of discussion group where this may be possible. My brother has recently started university and I think it may help him to move on if he could get in contact with people who can understand what happened. If anyone can help me with this I would be very grateful


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