My Life has Changed Recently I began on a new journey!
A Spiritual Journey here is my Blog on

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I created this page to both give thanks and to those souls that have received healing through myself and spiritual guides. I recently began on a healing quest which is a gift to those that need the release from pain and suffering.

Yet times are very difficult for all of us, I never know where the next meal is coming from as sometimes it is so hard to just stay online. I want to help as many people as I can and the internet is the best way of reaching out to those souls that need the healing and the guidance. To help me to stay online and so that I can reach out to more souls please do what feels right in your heart.

Myself and others want to start an online healing church using a voice communication server this will cost money to operate and I cannot do this on my current budget if you can help me to bring this into reality then please use the donate button below and several of us can manifest this into reality.

Love and Light to all Souls at this Station.

This is to help me to help others by covering the costs that all of us are burdened with in this physical journey. I would like to use the analogy of a doctor that wants to travel the world, how many can the doctor help if he has no means of travel? I give all my healing work in unconditional Love yet I am mortal I still have bills to pay so if you want to help in your own way please donate below.

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