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Welcome to my Associate Online Store, the Bookstore Page - from here you can find many useful books for your Amusement - Entertainment - Education, or simply to find a Solution for Xmas.

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Seasonal Favourites

Mark Twain: An Illustrated Biography,

Geoffrey C. Ward Dayton Duncan Ken Burns. (Used Copies)

Mark Twain: An Illustrated Biography
Mark Twain: An Illustrated Biography

Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone SoundTrack: on Barnes &

Track Listing:

1. Prologue by John Williams 2. Harry's Wondrous World by John Williams 3. Arrival of Baby Harry by John Williams 4. Visit to the Zoo/Letters from Hogwarts by John Williams 5. Diagon Alley/The Gringotts Vault by John Williams 6. Platform Nine-And-Three-Quarters/The Journey to Hogwarts by John Williams 7. Entry into the Great Hall/The Banquet by John Williams 8. Mr. Longbottom Flies by John Williams 9. Hogwarts Forever! /The Moving Stairs by John Williams 10. Norwegian Ridgeback/A Change of Season by John Williams 11. Quidditch Match by John Williams 12. Christmas at Hogwarts by John Williams 13. Invisibility Cloak/The Library Scene by John Williams 14. Fluffy's Harp by John Williams 15. In the Devil's Snare/The Flying Keys by John Williams 16. Chess Games by John Williams 17. Face of Voldemort by John Williams 18. Leaving Hogwarts by John Williams 19. Hedwig's Theme by John Williams

Old Classics: Jules Verne 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Et

A few Recommended Kids and Family Video's.




Edition Details:
NTSC format (for use in US and Canada only)
Color, NTSC
Number of tapes: 1

The schoolgirl adventures of Madeline, a flame-haired orphan, are lovingly adapted from Ludwig Bemelmans's classic children's books. His sly and witty writing is transferred to this first-rate film, one that should not be thought of merely as childhood entertainment. Spunky Madeline is most adept at finding trouble. She is also a quick-witted and likeable child who can solve almost any problem. Her latest scheme is to keep her school, which is also her home, from being sold by its owner, the recently widowed Lord Covington (Nigel Hawthorne). Unlike most youthful movie fare, this adventure boasts high production values that wisely include colourful Parisian locations. Hatty Jones is all spunky self-sufficiency and sweet innocence in the title role, and Frances McDormand is quite humorous as the stern school-mistress, Miss Clavel. --Rochelle O'Gorman


Hayao Miyazaki is known as the Walt Disney of Japan, and the moniker is deserved. His movies are packed with a key element lacking from most kids' movies these days--imagination. What's a Totoro? Tune in and find out. Wonderful stuff for the whole family, as is Miyazaki's latest on video, Kiki's Delivery Service. Read more

The Cat In The Hat

Dr. Seuss is where it's at again. His widow recently got to take her pick of movie studios bidding for the rights to many of his masterworks. Next year, look for a live-action version of How the Grinch Stole Childrens with Jim Carrey, and possibly a Cat in the Hat feature starring Tim Allen. Seuss created the screenplay, storyboards, and 13 songs for an intriguing adaptation of Oh, the Places You'll Go! For any fans of Seuss's 1953 live-action charmer The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T, this is mighty get-together news! Read more

Magic School Bus, The - The Busasaurus (1997)

Magic School Bus, The - The Busasaurus

Edition Details:
NTSC format (for use in US and Canada only)
Color, Closed-captioned, HiFi Sound, NTSC
Number of tapes: 1

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