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He seemed to suddenly turn nasty for no reason, as he then began throwing the 3 cartons of eggs out of the Bus window, she was very angry with him and called him a stupid mean old man!

Some months later, he again was seen smashing eggs outside a grocery shop, and this time he was arrested by the Police, (as everybody had heard the story of That crazy egg basher man) and he was taken into custody. At the station where they began interrogating him, it was only then that the truth emerged, 5 years previous he had been rescued after being stranded on an island for more than 30 years marooned there by a shipwreck on an island rampant with vicious crocodiles and lived in daily fear of being eaten alive. He used to awaken every morning with fear in his heart ever since he lost a leg not long after his initial arrival there, and now had a daily habit of breaking any eggs he found to safeguard his own future. So a mean old man became a hero of survival that had been badly effected by an ordeal no one even knew about!

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To do more than is expected or desired:

Sometimes, we can do more than what is required of us! Let us not forget we are here mostly to learn from our own experiences, and not to spend very much time judging the little that is known about another’s! God gave us freewill, & the ability to choose. To be judge and jury requires an all-seeing knowledge of past circumstance versus outcome, as well as a valid reason to do so, as for us to make any fair judgment! Only that of god or of the very wise one whom knows all the detail can pass fair judgement.

We listen but sometimes we do not hear, we see, yet sometimes we do not see at all, the “Trial of Destruction” is a prime example of this. As is this:
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To Judge another, is an open invitation to be Judged! This follows through with many varied scenarios including ones own Identification of Gender.

Once upon a time, an old one legged man passed through a village he was seen smashing eggs with his stick as he passed by an old hennery witnesses were dismayed and pulled scornful faces at him and then he was reported to the authorities for property damage, he was not seen again until several months later while travelling on a bus and a lady accidentally dropped her shopping. When the old man stooped over offering to help her and she said Oh thank you sir.

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Trail of Destruction:

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