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Detailed Medical Details: It is an NHS requirement to live and work full time for about 24 months in female role prior to being considered for SRS surgery, including name change. There are many variables in gender role, my persona due to enforced male conflict is 70% feminine. The treatment not only involves the taking of female hormones almost twice the dosage used in genetic women, but it also requires an anti-androgen drug, which hinders the production of male hormones from being made by the body. This then eventually leads onto sterility, reduced sex drive, & changes in pheromone output. With the addition of female hormonal treatment I no longer have the same desires as genetic males, as my male sex drive no longer functions in the same way, it has actually shifted my desires, and needs toward those same emotional feelings that genetic women usually feel. Many emotions and desires are controlled directly through hormonal stimulation. Women in sports often take Testosterone injections to make them stronger, more competitive to improve their athletic abilities,

as I am doing the reverse by removing Testosterone from my body using the Anti-androgen medication, my anatomy is becoming weaker just as in true natal females.

Misconceptions: Someone having undergone (SRS) is often referred to as having been a man, before becoming a woman. This statement is incorrect as it implies her personality has changed from male to female. This misleading identity issue implies she had a choice in the matter, when she was actually a gender oppressed female. The actual physical change's are in anatomical appearance in bringing this into line with her true psychological gender, SRS having been made to enable a more appropriate role change. Click Here for Other Online Support Group, or visit my Local Support Area. Click Here

Gender Condition Explanation: Children basically start out in the same way, we all have certain gifts and abilities that need nurturing into making us who we will eventually become in adulthood. Sometimes while in the womb before birth things go wrong, we develop with male physical characteristics but the brain due to a testosterone deficiency fails to be made into a masculine male persona. Later resulting in an opposing gender upbringing, ultimately this creates a psychological gender conflict. Recent new breakthroughs within the medical profession now show conclusively that biologically I am suffering from what is known as Gender Dysphoria Syndrome, a medically recognised condition brought about by conflict between Psychological identity, v the Physical one. I'm therefore not ashamed of being a pre-operative Transsexual or (TS). However some Trans gendered (TG's), are also very much the same but they may not be willing to accept the same risks of SRS, for a number of reasons. The TS or TG definitions are not to be confused with terms like: Cross Dresser (CD), or Transvestite, (TV). Legality (In legal speaking terms). As such new legislation has now included these designations within the sex discrimination Act. See the separate definitions sheet for more clarity on these designations (Definitions withheld for proof reading, check back here later), albeit none of us are dissimilar as we often don't know ourselves what we are, it can take years to understand even what we are!

There are many support venues around the country for all kinds of ailments, but sadly their is very little social support in my local area for the Transsexual or Trans-gendered individual. I have struggled myself to find support these last few years. But now I am pleased to say, I am going to try and help others who are also suffering from this lack of support by starting a support group of my own. With the help of several other organisations I am sure I can get this going, but it will take other things to help keep such a group going such as money, nothing new here. If you feel you can help us you may make a small donation here!
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