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A man was seen staggering through the street late one night with only one shoe! A passer by called out to him, “hey mister you have lost a shoe” He could have then gone home and told all his friends about this poor old man with only one shoe and that he had lost it. But it never even occurred to him what the truth really was! The old man replied, “lost a shoe? No sir I just found one”

We must never take at face value what we perceive as the truth, the true facts are rarely so simple and have many factors involved and the longer it has been unfolding, without any notable events of harm or destruction, the more likely it is to be of malicious making, (Elaborated Gossip).

We may choose to either try to fix a problem, or elaborate on its complexity by adding more invalid speculative variables to it, however in our effort to understand. It is more likely we are causing more harm than is warranted. It is akin to someone whom does not truly understand the real problem in the first place attempting a repair and making the problem much worse, like the inexperienced would be car mechanic who takes the whole engine to pieces when all that is wrong is the fuel pipe.

The point worth noting is this: How can we make a judgement against another, without inviting ourselves to also be judged for making an improper judgment in the first place?

Why does this story need to be told? It seems there are a great many people in the world that just never think before they give out criticism! This story is not designed to win any awards, it is to get the message across to those that Judge other peoples weaknesses by exposing there own. Someone told me recently, empty vessels make the loudest noise! A Valid Point

From Wounded Hearts: Faith Stories of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People and Those Who Love Them