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Long silent walks, with nothing but the sound of running water and the ducks paddling in the nearby stream, occasionally the roar of some farming machinery clunking its way by.

About Me

I could have lane there in the grass all day long and just listened to the swans and the ripples of the pond

However this was not to be, as never did I find the time, nor did I fancy laying in something rather sticky as it seems the sheep vacated this field more than I.

If their be another life after this one oh how I wish I could lay in some field all day without a care in the world!

I was at a great venue this Friday and Saturday just gone, it was a pageant for all the Trans people like myself, it was really my first outing to a full featured event like is common in places like Manchester, Leeds Etc. But for a Scarborough lady such as myself it was a rare chance to meet up with many people and the varied styles and at tribulations. We all share a common goal in life to find our selves, to be that which is within us, that which we have suppressed it seems like a lifetime. Is their no wonder then that for many of us this battle can never be won. In the last couple of years I have been informed of many departing this earth, either through medical complications or from losing the battle through suicide. In fact many a day goes by that I fear I am ready to give in myself, but I must try for the sake of my Children whom one day will turn to me for guidance, I pray my strength will hold out.

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I enjoy, 80ís music, Ambient, Electronic, most stuff in fact. I also like to be inspired by beautiful pictures from our mother earth as well as those wonderful pictures from high above such as in space. I like watching live video feeds from NASA TV-28k or 56 kb I enjoy the challenge to the human spirit & imagination.


Road Rage, litter, Drugs, Pollution, Impatience, loud fireworks, people that fall asleep at a red light

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