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I was at a great venue this Friday and Saturday just gone, it was a pageant for all the Trans gendered ladies like myself, it was really my first outing to a full featured event like is common in many places like Manchester, Leeds Etc. But for a Scarborough lady such as myself it was a rare chance to meet up with many people to see all the varied styles and at tribulations. We do however all share a common goal in life to find our selves, to be that which is within us, that which we have suppressed it seems like a lifetime. Is their no wonder then that for many of us this battle can never be won. In the last couple of years I have been informed of many departing this earth, either through medical complications or from losing the battle through suicide. In fact many a day goes by that I fear I am ready to give in myself, but I must try for the sake of my Children whom one day will turn to me for guidance, I pray my strength will hold out.

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PS, Iím sorry about the fragmentation of my site, this is due to some problems with available space, and sometimes I have to upload new pages into separate directories to test out things first. I am also using some software that I am quite unfamiliar with, and when exporting new pages the associated image files are not always unique names, this had to be set this way to prevent using excess web server space, hence more fragmentation of my pages into alternate directories. The Primary site pages now located in the root directory are going to be the finally product when finished, the pages located here will eventually be re-nominated for merchant sales content

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