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JULY 1ST 1985
It was a toy, a game, a bit of fun, I thought. When you are 16 you are naive and still (even though you donít want to believe it) innocent. And so I bought it.

It was straight enough, it was even endorsed by a popular paranormal investigator who I had often read about. A knowledge board, Ouija, something that everyone has heard of but a taboo subject, so when I saw it in the shop I had to buy it. A mistake I would later regret.
Ouija boards are frowned upon in public and Christianity which makes them more popular with the young who love to rebel and experiment with powers that the mature dare not touch. At one point in life you feel that communicating with the dead is the Ďin thing,í and then you grow up. Unfortunately it takes some of us longer to grow up than others, like me.

I unwrapped the laminated board from it's envelope packaging in the secrecy of my bedroom away from the adult world who wouldnít understand such devices. It was mine, a buy of the century, an official knowledge board for getting in touch with the dead, I had the power of God at my fingertips or so I thought. I crept down stairs and swiftly removed a sherry glass from the drinks cabinet, it was time to play with my new purchase.

There are somethingís in life that you look back at and think did that really happen, this is one of those cases, I only wish that I could look back and honestly believe it didnít happen, but it did. The glass was at my fingertips.

Now I donít know whether any of you have tried the Ouija board before (I hope you havenít), but it works, what makes it work is not essential in this story, some people claim itís the subconscious mind, others claim that it is someone pushing the glass, I know different.

Life had changed somewhat when I rediscovered it and the memories had faded. Iíd been married twice, divorced twice and discovered alcohol as well as having a string of varied jobs. I was searching through some old files when I found the envelope and the Ďgameí it contained, the game that made Jumanji look like Junior Monopoly, I removed it and placed it on the desk where it would remain for the next two days.

JULY 1ST 1997
It had been a hot lunchtime and a pint had seemed the solution, not that I ever needed an excuse to enter a public house. I met up with a couple of friends, Leeds born waiter Andy who now worked in a family run Italian restaurant in York and Nicole a former student of Scottish descent with a life now that revolved around working as a chamber maid, a couple very much in love, something my mind seemed devoid of these days one night stands were preferred.

Andy and Nicole were very close friends who I would often confide in and their drinking habits almost reflected my own which meant the afternoon chat was open and relaxed, and


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