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The Morons Guide to the Paranormal


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Jon D Inman is a professional Stage Hypnotist, paranormal investigator, Writer - Broadcaster living in Scarborough. Due to loads stress related work, plus too much money he spends most of this time drinking coffee, and writing terrible horror stories under terrible pseudonyms. This book IS an exception however - he wrote it under his own name for once - more fool him!

Contact Jon: Tel: +44 (0)1751 475293 Pager: +44 (0)4325 108469

or +44 (0)1751 472108 (After Hours)

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This Page Appeared from nowhere on 10 August 1998

These pages contain extracts from my current book called "The Morons Guide to the Paranormal" the content is categorised as classified, these exerts are for your adult eyes only. They are not suitable for Children's eyes. You may share portions of the exerts among close friends in a discreet maner, for the sole purpose of advertising my work. However you may not re-publish the full book without my consent. You can order the paperback version from me just contact me on the Number above.
The Moron Guide to The Paranormal

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Jon Inman, 43 Manor Drive,

Pickering, Scarborough.

North Yorkshire, YO18 8DS.

England (UK)

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If you enjoy reading this material, you can purchase my forthcoming books in the near future! This page only shows a small portion of my work which is currently under lock and key. For the past eight Months I have been engaged in a new novel, extracts have been published see Ouija above.

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