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not popular. Calmed down and now with a wine and soda Helen listened to my not so good explanation of why I didn't meet her and it didn't go down well when I mentioned we had been in The Gold, the pub with ‘the tart’ behind the bar as she calls her. But life goes on and we were both distracted by the fact that at 12.15pm Carl and Mark seemed to be doing extremely well chatting up two girls at the bar. Before we knew it the six of us were round the corner in The Blacksmith’s Arms chatting and drinking merrily, Carl with Cath 28, Mark with Lucy 26, both sisters and both students in psychology and both rather attractive and even Helen was in a good mood when she kissed me and left to go to her mothers at 2pm.

After bacon sandwiches at Dee’s Cafe the five of us decided to head for Morton to show our new entourage a bit of country culture courtesy of The Golden Lion public house which we entered at just gone 4pm. I carried the drinks over to the table Carl and Mark had resided on with their new found toys and retired back to a bar stool as they looked like they certainly didn’t want disturbing. Rachael had just started her shift and me being devoid of Helen and friends we talked in our usual intimate way. Time passed and by nine the four lovers at the table decided it was time to move on, much to mine and Rachael’s disappointment as it meant it was time for me to go too, but not before Rachael suggested driving back to mine after work and I liked that idea.

Driving back through Little Halton we stopped outside our new found Red Lion and suggested to the girls about having a drink there. ‘Where is there anywhere to drink here?’ asked Cath. The female company obviously were not impressed by the pub and so we all retired back to mine for wine, beer and coffee as I awaited Rachael’s arrival. Rachael arrived around midnight and soon the living room looked like a mass orgy of sex and drink. At 3am Rachael and I took to my room, Carl and Cath to his and Mark and Lucy to the spare. It had been one hell of a day.

I hustled Rachael out of the house as Helen would soon be coming round and started on the left overs of last nights alcohol purchases, lighting a cigarette I smugly thought about last night. Carl and Cath soon appeared to help, shortly followed by Mark and Lucy, with Mark the only one with coffee, well he does need his caffeine to keep up with the rest of us.
9.3Oam and Helen appeared with a knowing grin on her face at the sight of the lovers before joining me on the floor. ‘So where did you go when I left you?’ / Helen enquired, ‘The Gold,’ Mark replied before I could get a word in. Helen scowled at me; ‘Was the tart behind the bar, Joe?’ Mark now knew he had put his foot in it, ‘Yeah, but we didn’t really speak to her as it was busy,’ I hesitantly replied. No more was said on the subject and at 11am Cath and Lucy asked if Helen fancied going out for a girly drinking session, she agreed and left after kissing me goodbye. It looked like we better have a boys day out, again!

By 3pm me and Carl were well into our pints at The Board when Mark got a call on his mobile, 'I'll be there shortly,’ he shiftily spoke into the piece of plastic before making his


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