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excuses and leaving. We just shrugged our shoulders and dived back into our pints. 4.4Opm and the girls entered and joined us with Lucy enquiring where Mark had vanished to, we answered in all honesty that we did not know. She seemed disappointed and went quiet on us for a while before Helen informed us that the three of them were going out for a meal at the Indian, they would meet back at mine at 10pm. Sounded fine by us.
8pm and AWOL Mark reappears in The Board with a sly look on his face. He didn’t tell us where he had been and we didn’t ask, we knew what he was like and I am sure he would tell us in time. ‘Fancy a drive to The Gold, Mark?’ I asked knowing Rachael would be on the bar, I was already starting to miss her, ‘OK, I’ll pull the car outside while you drink up?’ he replied almost in a world of his own.
8.3Opm and we were in The Gold, unfortunately Rachael wasn’t, she had taken a sicky. Carl, seeing I was disappointed, mentioned we could call off at The Red Lion and see if it was any busier at this time of night than before. So we drunk of f and headed to Halton. We parked outside and entered the pub. Looking around nothing had changed, the same three pensioners sat in their same three places, we ordered our drinks and sat at the same table as our previous visit. As we drunk Mark broke his silence and admitted that the phone call came from his ex, Charlotte, a high class 30 year old, and the call had led to her bed.
9.45pm and we were back at Manor Gardens, the girls had beaten us there and thoughtfully stocked the fridge with the necessary liquids needed in our everyday life. We were all very tipsy and after a few beers and wine we retired to our respected rooms, Helen stopped over and Mark and Lucy invaded the spare once again.

Mark, Helen and myself sat down at a table near the window while Carl went to the counter to order four full English breakfasts from Sarah the young assistant at the counter, Cath and Lucy had gone home to change and catch up with some studying, they would be meeting with us in The Moon Inn at 7pm that night. Carl always liked to place the order, he even paid for it usually and I was sure it was something to do with 21 year old Sarah, this time he seemed to be taking more time chatting to her than getting on with the order. We finished our breakfast and Helen left for her mother’s leaving us chatting about our day’s plan, Carl knew what he was doing, taking a pretty young cafe assistant out at 3pm. Mark had got some idea into his head that Charlotte wanted him to call round this lunch time leaving me to drink alone, so I suggested that/we meet up at The Board at 5pm and go to The Gold for a quick drink before we went to The Moon. We all agreed, and with a bit of luck Rachael would be there.
5.50pm and we were all in The Golden Lion, Morton, and I mean all, Mark and Charlotte, Carl and Sarah, myself and an off duty Rachael. The drinks flowed, 7pm came and went.

Three females sat’ at the bar, three disappointed and angry females who knew their men were unreliable but this was taking the piss. ‘I bet he's with that tart, they always go there, one


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