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damn unhappy Helen speaks out, one damn unhappy Helen calls a taxi, three damn unimpressed females enter the taxi.
All was well and we were all having a damn good time with our temporary partners, that was until our other partners entered and war ensued. 9.47pm and Mark, Carl and myself were in the car and out of the situation, a situation that only spelt hassle to us, accusations, bitching and cat fighting - we didn’t need it and so it was decided that we venture to The Red Lion for a much needed quiet drink where the girls would not think to look for us - all six of them!

We stared in amazement at the terraced house we stood outside, no Red Lion, no pub, no anything other than a derelict boarded over house. An elderly man walking a black Labrador entered on the scene and asked our interest in the building and before we had chance to answer told us something that we did not think our minds could cope with at this moment in time. ‘Used to be a pub this place in the sixties, landlord did a bunk with a young bird who used to come in, no one knew who she was or where either of them went. His missus committed suicide in there shortly after, been shut ever since.’ The man informed us before continuing his dog bound duty. We re-entered the car somewhat confused.

The stereo was up high, the car was touching seventy, Carl was pissed in the back singing to the music, me and Mark just looked at each other shocked. As we drove through the narrow road we saw the headlights coming towards us. As Mark swerved the steering wheel we saw the hearse pass by complete with a driver devoid of skin, the car rolled several times and then blackness and then we were in a pub, not just any pub, we were in The Red Lion...

Michelle Rogers headed towards Morton to meet her lover in the Lion after returning from York where she had been to buy her friend an ouija board as an unusual birthday present. Her fiancé would never know, he thought she was in York for the night. Missing the Morton turn off she drove to Little Halton and spotted The Red Lion. Believing it to be the pub where her lover awaited, she entered. It was a strange sort of a pub frequented by three elderly men sat on wooden benches and three young men seated around a table, there wasn’t much choice when it came to drinks either...


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