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The Knowledge Board often known as the Ouija (deriving from the French and German for ‘yes’) has been thought of for thousands of years of a way of getting In touch with the spirits of the dead. Versions date back before the birth of Confucius (551 BC) and were used in the era of Pythagoras (540 BC

Due to the rise in Spiritualism and World War 1 it revised its popularity in the early part of the 20th century with families wanting to talk to their war deceased. Its fame increased through the Second World War when major game companies started marketing the product on mass as a parlour genie. Originally used with a planchette (a heart shaped piece of wood On casters with a pointer) it now found itself in modern society being used with a upturned wine or sherry glass moving between the letters of the alphabet and numbers as well as the ‘yes’ end ‘no’ words on the board. Again the board picked up more followers in the 1960* and 70s despite Christianity declaring it was inviting evil spirits into ones life and various people stating that it was a ‘very dangerous toy’.

It is not known why, when the participants place their fingers on the upturned glass that it moves, only it does and perhaps only due to our inner minds.

Jon D. Inmans

Knowledge Board

Jon D Inman is one Of the UK’s most prolific authorities on the occult, a master hypnotist and ex stage hypnotist, he has had his own radio show for two different stations and often appears on television as well as being the author of two published books. This smaller laminated version of the Knowledge board was desired by Jon to be used as a game rather than to be taken seriously as in all cases of the Ouija board. Due to its size it is recommended that an upturned sherry glass is used.

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