Story Outline

This is the story about OLeg and his Ogel Aircraft.
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Just as a Mechanic has his tool box when he goes to fix a Car, Oleg is my right hand when it comes to putting a smile on someone's face, speaking of which FACE-BOOK Buried him in the photo's section so Now Poor Oleg is looking for a new home. oh yes he eats a lot of Bubble Gum when he gets nervous or axious, and believe me the cost of supplying him with Bubble Gum lately has been hard work, and he gets bored very quickly, when he thinks he is being ignored.

He complains because he thinks he has no magnetism in attracting friends, but (shush he is made of plastic) He does some how manage to attract a lot of mishap's as often things just go a little crazy when he is around, Technical things break down, Microphones activate when they shouldn't, and people get into trouble, so yeah he definately has magnetism we just need to help him to attract the right things into his life instead of chaos.

He also likes Birds, and he likes TWEETS , even Treats and because he sees many Birdies and thats because he is a Plastic Plane and even so he has more LOVE in his right wing than most corporations have in their branches.

More about Oleg below but just a brief note about the spiritual stuff here.

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The Story about Oleg is Below: SCRIPT3

How Oleg went from being a real Lego Plastic Toy to being Born into a Virtual World Click Here Updated

For many years, what seemed a lifeless little Airplane lay dormant in the bottom of a toy chest, forgotten and neglected almost broken with all the knocks and heavy objects pressing down on his little plastic body.

But one day, something magical happened, he was suddenly whisked out of his fantasy land by some sort of energy no body would be able to understand. Not only did he come to life physically, but also he even found he had a history so real to him that for him he has lived a long time in a place called Legonian City, and believes he was Born in Elasti City.

OLeg has many vivid memories of being kicked stamped on and even thrown across large voids, with strange objects some used to soften his fall and others were hard and used to hurt him. He remembers every thing that happened to him, during those times he was powerless he had no will / Animation of his own he felt just like an inanimate object for people to do with as they wanted.

Because of these trauma’s he has always felt so depressed and alone, and isolated except one day he saw a Beautiful shining Globe in the toy chest lying beside him and it was smiling at him with such love he felt for the first time that someone else really cared for him.

Maybe this Love is what gave him the spirit to come to life? But this joy in his little heart was very short lived, because one day something was thrown into the Toy Chest along with all the other things and the Glowing smile was Gone, it was gone in an instant with a loud bang! And OLeg was so sad, he started to cry, but no body heard him he just wept and wept until his little wheels started to go rusty and almost seized up.

This was when something magical happened, all of a sudden he realized he could turn his little propeller by himself, and he found for the first time he could move, so he tried with all his might and with all those years of bottled up frustration he flew straight out of the toy chest and out through an open window into the real world. He was so excited, for the first time he could see a real sky he carried on until he became tired and landed on a mountaintop and after a while of muttering things to him self he noticed something beautiful was shining on the horizon.
(this is where part 1A of my movie start's)

OLeg does not know how dangerous this new world really is, all he knows is what has been given to him in his fantasy world and now he is on a mission to Find another balloon something that will smile for him or perhaps just maybe he will find something even better something Wonderful?

But this is not all there is, by any means, he really does care he empathizes with how others might feel, he just does not fully understand his new feelings yet, something drives him forward but he does not know what this power is. Maybe it is all the crying souls out in the real world that so much want a better world, that OLeg, because he is made out of plastic a common household material – just maybe he is a magnet for all that aimless energy of misdirected hope, and the dreams of man kind.
So what is yet to come … You will have to watch to find out.

Written, My Michelle Alias Ortorea

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Due to popular demand, I am including the script dialogue to The Adventures of Oleg (A New Life) below!


What is this -------- Thing, Doing on my carrier, and a Weird Yellow as well?

I Just Dropped in. Your Rather Cute As Well, even if your shoes look too big for you?!

My God it talks! What the hell are you? You look like you were born in that thing?

I was!

Well can you vacate my deck please; I have some urgent matters to attend to.

When I figure out how to use this Catapult thingy I will?

Control Speaks over the ships loud speaker.

Attention, Attention, all personnel. We have just received a priority one message from headquarters; a pilot who survived after bailing out just in time reported a yellow aircraft jammed his instrumentation just before he lost control. His Aircraft was totally destroyed.

We also have confirmation from Anmaster who we believe was subjected to the same Energy beam, he was able to put up counter measures and he is fine along with his aircraft. We believe it is the same craft we have on board Nimitz! We are instructed by headquarters to hold this Unidentified Aircraft at all costs

Right then, it seems your not leaving after all, CRANE take this thing back below deck I have some questions for it before we do anything else, mean while I have to go and sort out some other business with Control.

Right Sir, I mean YES – SIR

Come on little guy, I am sure you would never do such a thing, let them go through the motions, I am sure it will be found to be an error.

Well, it was an accident, I was searching for a runway to take off from and I hit the wrong button!
Why can I not see you Crane?

OLeg that’s because - I am inside this thing. It sounds like you need to be more careful have you any idea how much those planes cost? And you could have hurt someone.

Oopsey, Oopsey, I truly am sorry, I am not a bad Airplane, I’m just a little confused by everything, my plane seems to do things it never did before, my eyes get wet, and also my tummy seems to feel heavy now why is that?

OLeg, poor old chap, maybe your becoming human he he. Or it could be because you have been the wrong way up for to long, I will put you right side up below deck ok.

You told me earlier you went to College, I tried to look up Legonian University on my computer, but it does not exist? Are you sure you’re telling me the truth?

Yes - Crane – I am, it is very strange I remember things, but cannot remember when these things happened? It is almost like a dream to me.

Get some sleep OLeg the Sun is going down, sleep well buddy.

SCENE CHANGE (Night Fall is looming)
At KSFO 20 Minutes Earlier CoolSide wants to go and watch the Sunset (Taxi Run) just as >

CoolSide - If you must go for a Taxi Run, make sure you are dressed proper OK, I know you need some Fresh Air, and want to watch the Sun Go Down - But Do Not Stay out to long you will catch a cold, Remember what the Doctor told you! And Do Not, forget your eyeglasses you might get lost again?

Yapp, Yapp, Yapp.

OK OK, who needs Eye Glasses for a Sunset anyway, I just want to feel the sun on my skin.

Scene Change!
This is:
Mike, Alpha, November, India, Alpha, Charlie, Calling Tower - do you have a Spot for me to Put Down please?

Mike, Alpha, November, India, Alpha, Charlie, Affirmative we have a Spot for you Sir, watch out though there is a mad cow on the loose, running around in a panic!

Mike, Alpha, November, India, Alpha, Charlie
Tower, did you say A Mad COW is on the loose?

Are you deaf – Wash Your Ears Out - Affirmative yes, she flew in on a Lightening Aircraft a little while ago! Just make a heading for 28R at 297.9 Degrees that should get you right on the spot.

Mike, Alpha, November, India, Alpha, Charlie
Tower, Take her license away from her then.

Mike, Alpha, November, India, Alpha, Charlie
OK, I am coming in now.


Scene Change!

Oh this is the Life, watching time fly, admiring mother nature at her best.

Mike, Alpha, November, India, Alpha, Charlie = MANIAC:
Oh Shit

ACTION – MANIAC Putt’s his plane down right on the mark. Longitude -122.3721139 Latitude 37.61985715

Wow awesome, that was some, Sunset – I have to do this more often!
What the? Help! I’m sinking.

Scene Change: (Nimitz)

What's that Thing?

UFO (A voice Speaks to Oleg)
Oleg, my little One - you - Are a challenge, I think we have missed something though, - you have been given some very special gifts, you must use what has been given to you for - the good of man-kind.

Everything depends on You, humanity has never been in such great need, as it is now! You are the seed, a new beginning, the human race just does not realise - what it is they need, and you are loved very much in my kingdom, take no offence from those down here who know little! or have not walked in your shoes but 1 mile. Be strong move forward, you must have patience.

OLEG (A strange light encompasses Oleg)
Who are you? What do you mean what is happening?

UFO > OGD (A strange light encompasses Oleg)

I am Ogd, I am your creator Oleg, I have momentarily stopped time from passing so no one will notice anything, I will guide you and help you when and only when I feel you have been let down. Because you are so young, I’m here for you, but once you attain wisdom and knowledge then you must Journey alone.

They are going to move you to another place, you will meet someone else like you …

The Camera Zooms into A Mysterious Female Helicopter!
Olge Cries for Help from a Barred Helipad inside the Reicstad:

Olge: Help Me! Someone Please Help?

Ogd, Continues: > She needs you OLeg help her, go with them willingly for now, when the time is right you will know what to do.

You cannot learn new experiences from the lessons of others, these you must learn for yourself! Only by doing this can you find who you truly are, and it must be in your own way.

Just follow the guiding light of Love which encompasses your own heart, be true to others as you would have them be to you!
The rewards will be returned to you many times, I must leave you now – My Waffles, must dash – forgot to turn off the Oven.

OLEG (As the Ship Flies Away)
If you Are Really My maker? Why Yellow And Blue, I mean really, Your colour Co-ordination is a bit out of Wack. And what do you mean walk a mile in my shoes? I am Oleg I am legless. Oopsey, Oopsey.