By Victor Zammit



Silver Birch (Ortzen 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991), Arthur Findlay, White Eagle, Anthony Borgia, Lord Dowding, Sir William Crookes, Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Leslie Flint, Ivan Cooke, George Meek, HP. Blavatsky, Dr Carl Wickland, Sir William Crookes, Dr Robert Crookall, Sir William Barrett, the Rev. C Drayton Thomas, Geraldine Cummins, FWD Myers, Raymond Bayliss, Gary Williams, Arthur Ford, Johannes Greber, George Anderson, Charles

Hapgood, Dr Maurice Rawlings, Allan Kardec, Emmanuel, Dr Ian Stevenson, Emmanuel Swedenborg, Martin Ebon, Robert James Lees, Ruth Montgomery, Stainton Moses, Ursula Roberts, Elisabeth Kubler Ross, Jane Roberts, Helen Greaves and the Association for the Scientific Investigation of the After Life. We are privileged to have this information. What is absolutely staggering is the consistency of the information about what happens to us when we die which comes from many people from many countries over many centuries.

The great scientist Dr Robert Crookall, DSC. PhD, who undertook a systematic study of many of the above sources and of hundreds of other communications from the afterlife and published the results in his book The Supreme Adventure (1961). His work is considered ‘scientific’ in that it painstakingly and objectively examines the evidence, it is internally coherent and it provides hypotheses consistent with a great mass of factual evidence.

Crookall was amazed at the consistency of the evidence coming from all over the world. Communications from every country from Brazil, from England, from South Africa, from Tibet from Europe, from India and from Australia are all consistent. He was also amazed that they were identical with the beliefs held by the natives of the Hawaiian Islands, cut off from other civilisations for years prior to their ‘discovery’ by Captain Cook in 1788. He was also amazed at the consistency of the evidence given by people who had Out of Body Experiences, Near- Death Experiences and the communications of high-level mediums.

Crookall was a member of the Churches’ Fellowship for Psychical Study, which came into being in England to allow those who had personal experiences of a psychic and spiritual nature to share them and to examine them in the light of traditional church teachings on the afterlife. The preface to his book was written by a former Chief Justice of the British High court who concluded that:

It behoves every ordained Minister in the land to use it.

Vital eye-witness messages from the after life.

Vital messages from the Higher Intelligences transmitted in different countries to us humans on this earth in the last few decades REPEATEDLY inform us that, (succinctly put):

All humans survive physical death, irrespective of their beliefs:

* At the point of death we take our mind with all its experiences, our character and our etheric (spirit) body which is a duplicate of the earth body. It comes out of the earth body on the point of death and is connected to the earth body by a silver chord. Death occurs when the silver cord is severed from the physical body. Silver Birch, a High Intelligence from the afterlife who has transmitted more than nine books, informs us that in the after- life the etheric body and our surroundings will be just as solid as our world seems to us now. Immediately after physical death many may feel an urge to lift themselves upwards.

• The state of mind at the point of death is crucial. Some pass over consciously and are fully aware of the loved ones who come to welcome the new arrival; others are unconscious and are taken to a special place of rest like a hospital or rest home. Anyone who has been sick for some time will need time to readjust their mental picture of themselves.

• Some people at the point of death find it easy to get out of the dead physical body. With others, helpers need to actively assist in the transition. Some very materialistic people will have a very heavy duplicate body and it will be more difficult for them to separate from their dead physical body.

• A WARNING: Some hallucinogenic drugs have the potency to lift the duplicate out of the physical body. Seen by entities from the afterlife, drug takers, ‘... have pathetic looks as if they had no soul ... they are vacant behind the eyes. When out of the body other lower entities try to enter the drug-taker’s body then you have possession.’

• There is no such thing as heaven ‘up in the sky’ or hell ‘down below’: the location of the afterlife does not change from the earth plane different spheres interpenetrate from the highest vibrations to the lowest.

• Those with dogmatic, unalterable fixed ideas about what to expect immediately after death are likely to experience serious problems.

• Atheists, agnostics and others may not be encumbered from passing on to the higher spheres what they did in their lifetime and the motivation for what they did will be important not what they believed in.

• Love, unconditional love, is the most powerful force known in the universe.

• Unconditional love is the irretrievable link with our loved ones in the afterlife.

• Decent folk are met by their loved ones Soul mates are reunited. Higher Intelligences inform us that in the afterlife our appearance can regress to our best age —for most people from the early- mid twenties.

• Loved ones from the afterlife, recently arrived and others, do have the power to visit loved ones still living on earth.

• Recently arrived loved ones, usually within three months of transition, are permitted to transmit visually by way of dreams or by apparition and other means evidence that they are still alive.

*The kind of life to be lived in the afterlife beauty, peace, light and love which awaits decent folk is unimaginable.

• One can still learn spiritual lessons in the afterlife and progress to higher even more beautiful spheres.

• Once you enter the afterlife, you will experience a feeling of enormous lightness.

• Any physical disabilities people had on earth will disappear for decent folk there will be no such thing as deformity, sickness, blind ness or any other thing which adversely affected them on earth.

• The mind has enormous power in the after life. It can create matter there and can cause the body to travel at the speed of thought eg. you imagine you are at anyplace in the world and you are there instantly.

• Those who were consistently evil are either left alone or are met by those others of the same very low vibrations, with the same very low spirituality to be attracted to the darker lower spheres.

• Some people on earth have a much better transition to the afterlife than others the more knowledge we have about the afterlife, the easier the transition.

• Some people get stuck ‘between the two worlds’. Because they still feel themselves solid, they do not accept that they have actually died. Many get into mental confusion and could get lost for decades and for much longer.

• Those who on earth were deeply caught in habits and vices tobacco, alcohol, gambling, drugs or overindulgence in sex can get caught on the astral level and will not progress until they are prepared to give up these habits.

• Energy - a universal law positive or negative is a ‘boomerang’. When you send out good energy towards someone that good energy is returned sooner or later. If you send out negative energy by unfairly being dishonest against someone, or by cheating or lying or harassing or discrediting or causing harm to someone - that kind of negative energy will inevitably return to you.

In another article:

By Spiritualist pioneer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in which he envisages the afterlife. Known as the “St Paul of Spiritualism,” campaigning Sir Arthur travelled thousands of miles world-wide promoting Spiritualism.

Sir Arthur publicly announced his Spiritualism in 1918 having investigated the paranormal for many years.

Now read what he thought the afterlife would hold...

All agree that life beyond is for a limited period, after which they pass on to yet other phases, but apparently there is more communication between these phases than there is between us and the spirit world.

The lower cannot ascend, but the higher can descend at will. The life has a close analogy to that of this world at its best.

It is pre-eminently a life of the mind, as this is of the body. Preoccupation of food, money, lust, pain, etc, are of the body and are gone. Music, the arts, intellectual and spiritual knowledge, and progress have increased.

The people are clothed, as one would expect, since there is no reason why modesty should disappear with our new forms.

These new forms are the absolute reproduction of the old ones at their best, the young growing up and the old reverting until all come to the normal.

People live in communities, as one would expect as like attracts like, and the male spirit still finds his true mate, though there is no sexuality in the grosser sense and no childbirth.

Since connections still endure, and those in the same state of development keep abreast, one would expect that nations are still roughly divided from each other, though language is no longer a bar, since thought has become a medium of conversation.

These, roughly speaking, are the lines of the life beyond in its simplest expression, for it is not all simple and we catch dim glimpses of endless circles below, descending into gloom, and endless circles above, ascending into glory, all improving, all purposeful, all intensely alive.

All are agreed that no religion upon earth has any advantage over another, but that character and refinement are everything.

At the same time, all are in agreement that all religions, which inculcate prayer, and an upward glance rather than eyes forever on the level, are good.

In this sense, and in no otheras a help to spiritual life every form may have a purpose for somebody.

If to twirl a brass cylinder forces the Tibetan to admit that there is something higher than his mountains and more precious than his yaks, then to that extent it is good. We must not be censorious in such matters.

There is one point that may be mentioned here, which is at first startling and yet must commend itself to our reason when we reflect upon it.

This is the constant assertion from the Other Side that the newly passed do not know that they are dead, and that it is a long time, sometimes a very long time, before they can be made to understand It.

All of them agree that this state of bewilderment is harmful and retarding to the spirit, and that some knowledge of the actual truth upon this side is the only way to make sure of not being dazed upon the other.

Finding conditions entirely different from anything for which either scientific or religious teaching had prepared them, it is no wonder that they look upon their new sensations as some strange dream.

The more rigidly orthodox have been their views, the more impossible do they find it to accept these new surroundings with all that they imply.

For this reason, as well as for many others, this new revelation is a very needful thing for mankind.

A smaller point of practical importance is that the aged should realise that it is still worthwhile to improve their minds, for though they have no time to use their fresh knowledge in this world, it will remain as part of their mental outfit in the next.

As to the smaller details of this life beyond, it is better perhaps not to treat of them, for the very good reason that they are small details. We will learn them all soon for ourselves, and it is only vain curiosity which leads us to ask for them now.

One thing is clear: there are higher intelligences over yonder to whom synthetic chemistry, which not only makes the substance but moulds the form, is a matter of absolute ease. We see them at work in the coarser media, perceptible to our material senses, in the séance room.

If they can build up simulacra in the séance room, how much may we expect them to do when they are working upon ethereal objects in that ether which is their own medium?

It may be said generally that they can make something which is analogous to anything which exists upon earth.

How they do it may well be a matter of guess and speculation among the less advanced spirits, as the phenomena of modern science are a matter of guess and speculation to us.

If one of us were suddenly called up by the denizen of some sub-human world, and were asked to explain exactly what gravity is, or what magnetism is, how helpless we should be!

We may put ourselves in the position, then, of a young engineer soldier like Raymond Lodge who tries to give some theory of matter in the Beyond a theory which is very likely contradicted by some other spirit who is also guessing at things above him.

He may be right, or he may be wrong, but he is doing his best to say what he thinks, as we should do in similar cases. He believes that his transcendental chemists can make anything, and that even such unspiritual matter as alcohol or tobacco could come within their powers and could still be craved for by unregenerate spirits.

There are many who protest that this world which is described to us is too material for their liking. It is not as they would desire it.

Well, there are many things in this world which seem different to what we desire, but they exist nonetheless.

But when we come to examine this charge of materialism and to try to construct some sort of system which would satisfy the idealists, it becomes a very difficult task.

Are we to be mere wisps of gaseous happiness floating about in the air? That seems to be the idea.

But if there is no body like our own, and if there is no character like our own, then say what you will, we have become extinct.

What is it to a mother if some impersonal glorified entity is shown to her? She will say: “That is not the son I lost I want his yellow hair, his quick smile, his little moods that I know so well.”

That is what she wants. That, I believe, is what she will have. But she will not have them by any system, which cuts us away from all that reminds us of matter and takes us to a vague region of floating emotions.

There is an opposite school of critics which rather finds the difficulty in picturing a life which has keen perceptions, robust emotion, and a solid surrounding all constructed in so diaphanous a material.

Let us remember that everything depends upon its comparison with the things around it.

If we could conceive a world of a thousand times denser, heavier and duller than this world, we can clearly see that to its inmates it would seem much the same as this, since their strength and texture would be in proportion.

If, however, these inmates came in contact with us, they would look upon us as extraordinarily airy beings living in a strange, light, spiritual atmosphere.

They would not remember that we also, since our beings and our surroundings are in harmony and in proportion to each other, feel and act exactly as they do.

We have now to consider the case of yet another stratum of life, which is as much above us as the leaden community would be below us.

To us also it seems as if these people, these spirits, as we call them, live the lives of vapour and of shadows.

We do not recollect that there, also, everything is in proportion and in harmony, so that the spirit scene or the spirit dwelling, which might seem a mere dream thing to us, is as actual to the spirit as are our own scenes or our own dwellings, and that the spirit body is as real and tangible to another spirit as ours to our friends.

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