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"The Best Children's Books in the World" (All ages) edited by Byron Preiss

Have you heard of Norway's prized "The Cat on Pirate Island"? Ever read the Russian "Bad Advice"? This delightful treasury of award-winning picture books from around the world is "an entire rainbow not only of art but of story as well, from the sombre and serious to the subversive and even downright silly ...

as rich and as variegated as the world of childhood itself," writes historian Jeffrey Garrett in his eye-opening introduction. Each story is reprinted with its original text and art, with English translations in the margins. Introduce your children to the books that are making kids smile in Sri Lanka, Spain, and Slovakia!

Byron Preiss



Books Bestsellers

These fine books continue to rise to the top of the charts
like helium balloons. Guaranteed kid-pleasers!

"The New Way Things Work" (Ages 9 to 109)
by David Macaulay

New Way Things Work

"The 20th-Century Children's Book Treasury" (All ages)
edited by Janet Schulman

20th-Century Children's

"5 Novels" (Ages 9 and older)
by Daniel Pinkwater

5 Novels



Looking for a quick route to the best children's books on
the planet? We've carefully handpicked hundreds of books
and CDs--even two soft bunnies--for your favourite kids,
divided by age group for easy browsing. A world awaits!

Best children's books

You'll find more great books, articles, excerpts, and
interviews in's Children's Books section

Children's Books section

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