Originally found on the island of Haiti, zombies are now more often seen hanging around UFO conferences wearing T-shirts with an alien head on the front.

If confronted by one of these hideous apparitions avoid verbal contact at all times - death by boredom is not the nicest way to go.


Winged mythical type monster said to be seen around New Jersey and possibly invented by one of John Keel's ancestors.



By using the powers of their body and mind certain people find they can raise their bodies off the ground and drift high up in the air.

Apparently it's safer than using a ladder, a good way of escaping police on foot and an easy way to watch the match on Saturday without paying.

Your friends can even use you as a rather novelty kite on windy days.



Bought a house bigger than your budget?

Mortgage repayments a problem? Don't despair, simply tell author Jay Anson that your three-bedroom semidetached has suddenly started dripping blood, your son is possessed by an imaginary friend and make up a story about your local vicar being attacked by bluebottles in your bedroom. Soon after the novel is printed and a movie is made you will find money pouring into your hands so you can buy an even bigger house

Feeling greedy?

Claim the entity has followed you to your new address and write a sequel etc.



On May 26th 1828 Kasper Hauser 'the boy from nowhere' walked into the town of Nuremburg, Germany with a rather odd past.

The boy could not speak, would only eat bread and water and preferred dark places. He was unable to tell anyone of his past life but could only write his name.

Kasper became an overnight sensation, he learnt to speak and was well looked after by the leading local town folk. He slowly told people of his life confined in a small dark room where he never came into contact with another human being.

But tragedy struck and before the mystery was solved young Hauser was stabbed to death in a nearby park by a sinister assassin.

Famous mysterious appearing people include La Toya Jackson and Dale Winton, with a bit of luck maybe a sinister assassin will strike them down in a park one day.



A secret city below the sea, advanced civilisations, lost knowledge - VOILA, another Charles Berlitz wad in the pocket publication.



This is a small musical instrument crafted in Bermuda and used by primary school kids at Christmas nativity plays.

It is also a song by Barry Manilow and it makes people disappear, Bermuda triangle I don't go too near, don't go too near etc. etc.

Then again most of Barry Manilow's songs make people disappear and he's got a big nose too and his girlfriend's called Mandy and she drinks at the Copacabana - allegedly.